​​Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order?

Please call or email us to order a custom selection of any of our chocolates, we will be happy to accommodate your special requests whenever possible. If you are looking to order online head over to our Etsy Shop with this button

Check out our 
Full Menu page for photos and descriptions of the chocolates that we regularly have in the case, but we always have a few special treats that come and go. 
We do offer discounts for large orders and we are happy to talk with you about special chocolates for your business gifts, wedding or special occasion chocolates.  

Our chocolate is priced by weight at $31.00 a pound

What are your shipping policies?
Our chocolates are fragile, they begin to melt at 72°F.

◦  Starting May 1, we will add a $5.00 warm weather shipping fee to all orders until October 31.  During these hot times anywhere outside of New England we ship over-night USPS and Priority within New England.  Chocolate can’t take the heat. November 1 – April 30 we ship packages Priority USPS.

◦  Orders are shipped via USPS and transit times vary depending on destination. Most of our shipments get to their destination within 1-3 days.

◦  Our shipping and handling rates are standardized and are as follows.

               0-.99 pounds is $7.50
               1-1.99 pounds is $10
               2-2.99 pounds is $13
               3-4.99 pounds is $20
               over 5 pounds please ask for a quote, it will be based on actual weight, 
               destination, and a $5 handling/packing charge.  These rates are not subject to discounts.

◦  We track all packages but once the package leaves our shop we can no longer guarantee it’s safety. We do everything we can to get it to you in the best shape possible (which is normally perfect) but there are things we cannot control.

◦  Orders are normally shipped Tuesday-Thursday unless other arrangements are made. We do not ship to international destinations.

◦ We are not responsible for delays caused by the shipping agent or due to weather or mechanical error and are not able to offer refunds for those reasons.

◦ Orders that can be filled and are received before 1:30pm will be shipped the same day. All others will be shipped base on product availability and destination. If the destination city's temperature is more than 70 degrees and you are sending to someone other than yourself, we highly recommend sending it Over Night, we are not responsible if the chocolates arrive melted and this is the safest bet. If you are buying for yourself and have chosen 2nd Day Air, we are not responsible if the chocolates arrive melted and will not offer any refund.

We want your online experience to be as close as it can be to stopping into our shop (though we have not figured a way to add a scratch and sniff feature).  Every effort will be made to accommodate special requests.
When ordering, please let us know about ANY & ALL ALLERGIES. We're here to make people happy. 

Do you offer discounts?
We do offer discounts for large orders please call and talk with Jen.  Due to the fact that we are a very small shop we have our limits to fill large orders on short notice.  No discounts are available on large orders if they are due in short order.  During most of the year we need at least 2 weeks notice for more then 20 boxes and near holidays we need at least 3 weeks notice for you to be eligible to receive a discount.

How do I store my chocolate?
Keep the chocolates in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration isn’t necessary and won’t extend the shelf life that much. Besides, when you place chocolate in the fridge it begins to condensate and encourages the sugar to bloom on the surface of the chocolate, making it white-ish and spotty, also giving it a mealy, grainy texture.

The shelf life is ideally 10-14 days. These are to be savored but not stashed. The fresher the chocolate is that much better it is.

A flavor thing to consider is that when packaged together certain flavors like to lend their essence to those around them.  Peppermint Patties and anything Mocha are the worst; they will flavor those around them.

I’m allergic to nuts/dairy/gluten; can I eat your chocolates?
We do have many nut flavors. We use peanuts, pistachios, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil nuts & cashews. We try our very best to keep the nuts separate from each other and from the chocolate (unless intended to mingle). If you are severely allergic to any nuts, I’d refrain from eating our chocolates. I can’t guarantee that cross contamination hasn’t happened.

We do use fresh cream in the truffles, cream, half & half and butter in our caramel and butter in our toffee. However, We have had many requests for vegan/dairy-free chocolates, so I do have a few options as far as our chocolates go and we are working on some vegan truffles. When you look through our gallery of chocolates we have noted whether they are vegan/dairy-free.  

Almost all of our chocolates are gluten-free.  We do make some chocolate/caramel-covered pretzels and occasionally cookies to be laced with chocolate but these are specials.