Toffee Almond Bark
72% dark chocolate, housemade toffee & tamari almonds 

Pecan Turtles
House made caramel over pecan halves and nestled between layers of 72% dark chocolate

72% dark chocolate with an ever changing mix of fruits, seeds, and nuts

Nibby Bark
41% milk chocolate, cacao nibs, sesame & coconut
Pistachio Green Chili Bark
72% dark chocolate, green chili dusted pistachios, and cranberries

Our Full Menu

Lemon Lavender Almond Bark
White chocolate, tamari almonds,lemon oil & lavender buds

Peanut Butter Fingers
with Vermont Peanut Butter Co.
crunchy peanut butter mixed with white chocolate & enrobed in 72% dark chocolate

English Toffee
House made toffee enrobed in 72% dark chocolate

PR Cups
Peanuts and Raisins in
72% dark or 41% milk chocolate


Trinity Bar
72% dark chocolate enrobed peanut butter, pretzel & caramel. 

Hazel & Cherry Bark
72% dark chocolate, toasted hazelnuts & tart cherries

Pine Nut Caramel
Toasted pine nut topped house made caramel dunked in 72% dark chocolate

Black Rum Caramel
House made caramel enrobed in 72% dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt


Caramel Pretzels
Organic pretzels dunked in our caramel and covered in 72% dark chocolate

72% dark chocolate with tangerine oil topped with dried apricots

Coconut Clusters
Unsweetened coconut flakes & 72% dark chocolate

Classic Almond Bark
72% dark chocolate and tamari almonds

Peppermint Patties
Smooth peppermint cream nestled in a bed of 72% dark chocolate

Blueberry Bundles
Wild Maine dries blueberries
In 72% dark chocolate


Da’ Cherry Bomb
House made Marzipan with a wine soaked cherry center

Mountain Bark 
72% dark chocolate, house made toffee, almonds, coconut & tart cherries 

Ginger Orange Clusters
Crystalized ginger chunks mixed with 72% dark chocolate and a splash of orange oil

House made marshmallows topped with house caramel and smothered in 72% dark chocolate 

Coconut Lime Crème
A soft center of coconut & lime wrapped in 72% dark chocolate & rolled in toasted coconut

Cherry Clusters
Tart cherries marinated in
Lincoln Peak’s Marquette wine& combined with 72% dark chocolate

Midnight Mocha Bark
72% dark chocolate, cashews, cacao nibs & coffee

Individual Pieces

Delightful Bars
A tender center of sliced almonds and coconut dunked in 72% dark chocolate

Village Bark
41% milk chocolate, toasted hazelnuts, cinnamon & coffee

Moroccan Bark
72% dark chocolate, pecans, raisins & garam masala (cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, chili, pepper)

Fruity Bark
72% dark chocolate, pineapple, apricots, cherries, cranberries, raisins & blueberries

Macadamia Nut Caramel
Toasted macadamia nuts covered in house made caramel and covered in 72% dark chocolate

Madame Great Bark
41% milk chocolate, tamari almonds & sea salt