Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, and Vermont's "STAY HOME & STAY SAFE" ordinance, Daily Chocolate has closed its doors to the public, and reduced its hours of operation. That being said, we are eager to help fill your chocolate cravings during these difficult times. We know what a good piece of chocolate can do for your mood!

  • Daily Chocolate will be operational on Monday and Thursday only.

  • Orders may still be placed any day by email or via Etsy and by phone on Mondays and Thursdays.

  • Orders will be processed and packed on Mondays and Thursdays only.

  • Orders will ship, or can be picked up curbside on Mondays and Thursdays only. 


We're a small operation year round, and operate full speed with only three employees. During these crazy times, Christina and Dawn are taking a break, and owner Jen is running the ship! In an effort to keep everyone healthy, the chocolate will be made, processed and shipped by only Jen. 

Curbside pickups will be executed from a table in the lobby, and all transactions will happen via credit card prior to pickup so, no need to exchange cash or plastic hand-to-hand. 

Last, we will continue to uphold the high food safety standards that we maintain all year. This includes proper food handling, labeling and storage. - of course, use of gloves, ...all with a whole lot of EXTRA sanitizing along the way. 

We appreciate you, our dedicated Chocoholics, and are happy to help any way we can during these crazy times. Stay safe! Eat chocolate. 

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