Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, Daily Chocolate is closed for in-store shopping, but we are eager to help fill your chocolate cravings! We know what a good piece of chocolate can do for your mood!

  • Daily Chocolate is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am-4pm.

  • Orders may be placed any day by email by phone, or preferably via our online marketplace.

  • During the online checkout process, orders can be processed to ship, or for curbside pickup.

  • Same day orders are usually ready for pick-up within an hour. If you need to place an order for immediate pickup, please call from outdoors to place your order, and let us know you are standing by. 


We are following the Vermont State guidelines to help keep you safe.

Curbside pickups will be executed from a table in the lobby, All transactions will happen via credit card prior to pickup so, no need to exchange cash or plastic hand-to-hand. Masks are required when entering the store to pick-up your order. No more than one customer or family pod in the store at a single time. Hand sanitizer is available. 

Last, we will continue to uphold the high food safety standards that we maintain all year. This includes proper food handling, labeling and storage. - of course, use of gloves, ...all with a whole lot of EXTRA sanitizing along the way. 

We appreciate you, our dedicated Chocoholics, and are happy to help any way we can during these crazy times. Stay safe! Eat chocolate. 

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